My research examines various aspects of data science, the social sciences, and the digital humanities, as well as the intersections of these fields.

Below is a selection of my publications; a full list appears here.

Assumption-checking rather than (just) testing: The importance of visualization and effect size in statistical diagnostics
Behavior Research Methods (advance online publication)

The law of small numbers
Significance (2023)

The curse of knowledge when teaching statistics
Teaching Statistics (2023)

Examining the potential influence of crosslinguistic lexical similarity on word-choice transfer in L2 English
PLOS One (2023)

Refining and modifying the EFCAMDAT: Lessons from creating a new corpus from an existing large-scale English learner language database
International Journal of Learner Corpus Research (2020)

How native language and L2 proficiency affect EFL learners’ capitalization abilities: A large-scale corpus study
Corpora (2019)

Phonological selectivity in the acquisition of English clusters
Journal of Child Language (2019)

Fast, free, and targeted: Reddit as a source for recruiting participants online
Social Science Computer Review (2017)

The negative impact of goal-oriented instructions
Educational Studies (2015)