I help people think and act more effectively.

Hi, I’m Dr. Itamar Shatz.

I write about psychological and philosophical concepts that help people improve at things like decision-making, communication, and learning.

My content is based on extensive research, including sources ranging from cutting-edge scientific papers to ancient manuscripts.

Itamar Shatz

My writing is read by over a million people each year, and linked from places like:

New York Times
Harvard Business Review

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practical psychology and philosophy

Solving Procrastination

why we procrastinate and how to stop

Research and teaching

I’m an affiliated lecturer at Cambridge University, where I got my PhD.

My academic publications deal with questions in social science and data science, and I review related research for scientific journals.

I also teach research methods at Cambridge, with a focus on explaining complex statistical concepts in an intuitive way to people with varied backgrounds.

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