Hi there.

I’m Itamar Shatz, and I’m currently a PhD candidate at Cambridge University. In my research, I use large-scale datasets to study how learners’ native language influences their acquisition of a foreign language. I also organize the Second Language Acquisition and Learner Corpus Research seminar, and teach a graduate course on Quantitative Methods for Analysing Language Data.

In addition to being a researcher, I’m also a writer and a science communicator. Most notably, I author two popular sites: Effectiviology, which is dedicated to psychology and philosophy that have practical applications, and Solving Procrastination, which is dedicated to information about procrastination and how to overcome it. I’ve also written for other publications, such as The Learning Scientists, The Decision Lab, and the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest. My goal in writing is to help people understand themselves and the world better, so they can improve their lives in various ways.

Picture of Itamar Shatz
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